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Try to cancel when I realized they weren't honest.. after 4 hours on the phone they said it was cancel. Haven't even received the product yet when I had done this. Product started to show up and trying to stop it! They has taken money out of my account $ 400.00 without my permission. Try to find a address or a contact person to stop this, can't be found. When you do call they put you on hold and never come back. I had to close my account and...
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I actually had forgotten about it. Then, a 1oz bottle showed up every month with no address, phone number or contact info. Just a paper with a tracking number. Last straw was when a 1oz jar of a HYDROFIRM cream arrived?! Who knows the Company for this. Credit card was billed $94.99 three times. Bottom line.. this is a SCAM. Contact your credit card company and make them aware of it. Mine clearly saw red flags with the way I was billed and took...
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Derma Lift (a.k.a. LaSkincare) is fraudulent. I ordered a SAMPLE once, and was asked to pay only for shipping. My credit card is now being charged $97.+ for August and Sept. I am willing to pay for shipping but I will return anything additional I receive. They don't call or email to confirm anything; at least they could do this. I've experienced this type thing in the past...I should have known it was not a valid offer. I'll be much more careful...
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Very disgusted that these people are allowed to charge my account without authorization and also are patronizing and argumentative when trying to get your money back.They also claim that there is no supervision higher than the person that you are speaking with. Oh, but they can contact their financial group (B.S.) to offer you a 15% discount and then a 35% discount. However, they are supposedly refunding 100% of my money now after a 15 minute...
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Got a trial-made me break out in hives which lasted for a week!!Canceled before the 14 days and they said the next shipment was on it's way and I would have to pay for it!! The people at the company are very rude when you try to cancel. I am just worried the product may may still keep coming even though I canceled!! Do not order this product-even if you like it-it is extremely expensive. You can go into your Dept Store and get the best stuff...
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  • Scam
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  • Them stealing 208 from me bbb contacted about